Real best dating sites

My opinion on the meeting sites remains positive and I consider them a way like any other to meet someone.

It’s hard, very hard, to find someone worth dating. Here you can find dating site with jswipe review. And even among these people, it is difficult to find someone with whom you can also get along well in real life, which in the end is what counts, if you want a relationship.

Badoo is truly unfiltered. I’ve used it in the past, but finding a person who has even a minimum of compatibility with me is almost impossible. I am currently registered but no longer use it.

In short: little chance of finding truly compatible people. If I were you an attempt on OkC I would do it, also because there are many girls from Milan.

What Women Want : tips for men

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Women want a man, a REAL man. They want a man with confidence who is willing to take a risk. What they DON’T want is the shy guy who sits in the corner and is too afraid to ask them out. After all, if you never muster up the courage to ask them out, how do you expect to even stand a chance?

They also don’t want the guy who bends over and gives them everything they ask for These guys will quickly be labeled as friends, and put on the “nice guy” list, or even worse, be chewed up and spit out after being sucked dry. If you want to treat your woman like a queen, fine, by all means do so, but don’t forget who’s the king.

Most women will go for the bad boy before they would settle with a nice guy, even if he is a jerk. So should you go out and be an asshole to women? No. Sure you can have success this way, but there’s a catch. Women will THINK they can change you, but when they can’t, they don’t want to put up with it and leave, or worse, they turn you into a nice guy.

So what does a women want? A woman wants a man who is strong, fearless and spontaneous. He can make her laugh with ease and is comfortable in his own skin. Women like to feel dainty, and a man who can make them feel this way melts their hearts. A man doesn’t care what others think about him, and he speaks his mind. The ideal man for any woman, is content and in control of all aspects of his life, even his emotions. When a women is in a bad mood or mad at him, he is quick to change the mood, he will bring her into his happiness because the real man is always happy. His presence is known when he enters the room.

Women are always complaining that there are no real men left, or that all the good ones are taken or gay. In a way they are right, most guys fall in line with what women don’t want. Some women will even settle because they want a nice guy to raise a family with, or a guy with money so they feel secure. The problem with this though, is women know where their heart is, and their heart will always long for a REAL man. There’s a fine line between the nice guy and the jerk, but once you find it, you will become irresistible to women.

Narrow the Field

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You are not online dating because you’re desperate.  If you were, that would mean that I’m online dating because I’m desperate.  And the fact of the matter is that if you were desperate, you’d already be in a relationship.

There are men and women everywhere, and if you really couldn’t tolerate singledom, by now you’d have latched on to the nearest living, breathing member of the opposite sex and begun a highly-unsuccessful and surely doomed courtship just for the sake of being in a relationship.

You’re different.  You’re online dating because….wait for it….you’re not desperate.  From a purely practical standpoint, online dating offers you insight into potential partners’ motives (are they looking for a casual one-night stand or a long-term relationship?), background stories (are they thrice-divorced and living in their parents’ basement?), religious and political ideals (is their favorite historical figure Hitler?), and future plans (do they want a family or would they like to travel the world with their partner?).

Within five minutes of opening an online dating profile you may discover that your future plans will never align, rather than within five years of dating somebody with whom you had such an instant connection that you didn’t think to ask if he’d already had a vasectomy.  Knowing what you want, and where you haven’t yet found it, has led you online, so more power to you.

Speaking of power, use this power wisely. Remember what hasn’t worked in the past, and don’t get caught up in profiles that spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e just because his eyes are so dreamy.  Pick the handful of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes whose profiles grab you chemically, intellectually, and spiritually, and have a date with each.

If that handful happens to grow into a bushel, don’t fret; it just means you’re judging each one by the high standard you’ve set rather than society’s standard that because you’re 30 and still single, you’d better choke a proposal out of the next living, breathing entity that walks by.

It’s important to be clear on this fact that online dating does not equal desperation.  (If you in fact are desperate, and you also happen to be online dating, the following online dating tips do not apply to you.)  If you’ve joined the millions of other happy people who found everlasting love online (believe it or not, is not paying me for these lines) under the misconception that you are desperate, you’re libel to work extra hard to make some of your online dud dates into relationships, because what if it’s the last semi-interesting person you ever meet.

You might hope that just one more date with online dud dude might ignite some sparks, or at least a lukewarm bath.  On the other hand, if you’re clear that you’re not desperate, and that it doesn’t matter if you meet Mr. Right on online date #1 or online date #200, you won’t make this mistake.

I met my boyfriend online after over two years of intermittent online dating.  Yes, there were men who embodied many of the characteristics I was hoping for, or with whom I felt some low level of romantic attraction.  But had I decided out of desperation that 33 1/3% of what I wanted was sufficient, I would have missed when Mr. 100% of what I wanted came along.

As you’ve obviously heard, there’s no perfect person, just a person that is perfect for you, and it’s true…don’t be waiting for objective perfection.  (Who wants to date Jesus—so much pressure!)   But if you just give it time, don’t fret, and don’t settle, you can enjoy the possibility that your perfect person could be your next online date.

Wink and you’ll Miss it

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Today’s online dating tip: If you’re interested, send an email, not a wink.

Once upon a time lived a lovely young heroine looking for love. She looked left, and right, but didn’t find it. So she opened up her laptop and registered on an online dating site and there it was, staring her right in the face: LOVE! So many online options, she thought woefully, and yet so little time to meet each gentleman in her busy life of prancing about looking for love.

Two potential online suitors tried to contact our heroine. Each boasted a lovely profile replete with a handsome visage, bulging biceps, stable source of income, and witty disposition. Our busy heroine was delighted at the possibility of being courted by one of these bachelors, and yet she had not the time to spare to contact both in return.

Our heroine was flummoxed. Which lucky man would win a date, and which would be sent home without a rose? (Wait….wrong scenario.) Just as she began to fear she was at an impasse, a lightbulb appeared directly above her head and she saw the solution clearly! After turning off the lightbulb to conserve energy, she realized that while one of her potential suitors had sent her a thoughtful email conveying his interest and demonstrating he had read through her profile, the other bachelor had simply sent her a wink. This wink, while considerate, took no effort and gave no indication whether he had even read through her carefully constructed online profile.

Our heroine had made her choice! She responded to the suitor who had taken the time to write her an email. They enjoyed a brief email correspondence, began a courtship, and lived happily ever after.

*Story has been slightly embellished to illustrate a point; any likeness between fictional protagonist and fictional suitors is purely coincidental. For example, protagonist has not yet found true love and therefore has ample time to write online dating advice columns. For example.

**While an email will improve your chances of receiving a response, a novel will scare someone away. Do not write a fourteen paragraph treatise in your first email contact! Short and sweet will do just fine.

“Hey, what are you up to tonight?”

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Today’s Online Dating Tip: Send A Real Email.

“Hey, what are you up to tonight?”

“What’s up, beautiful? Any weekend plans?”

“Hey, you wanna chat?”

If you’re the proud owner of any of the above quotes, and you’ve been perplexed as to your vacant inbox after dozens of similarly heartfelt email outpourings, you may want to alter your approach. Because, as a woman, I see those one-liners in my inbox and I translate them thusly:

“I’m bored, and I’m hoping you’re desperate.”

Now to give you the benefit of the doubt, I realize you may simply be maximizing your efficiency via concise messages that convey your interest without belaboring it. I appreciate your succinct savvy and respect your valuable time as a fellow online dater. I congratulate your concise competence at circumventing the circumlocutionary correspondences that can make online dating feel like a full-time career. Nevertheless, I receive your message and all I see is this:

“I’m bored, and I’m hoping you’re desperate.”

To me, these one-liners are the online equivalent of a pick-up line (a pick-up online, if you will), and it’s no more kindly received via internet space than in person. Again, I’m speaking not to your intent, but to your recipient’s perception, which is rarely favorable. And quite frankly, if you luck out and your recipient responds favorably to your one-liner, indicating desperation, is that really the person on whom you want to be focusing your affections? Desperation is not typically a quality found on anybody’s top ten lists (“I’m looking for somebody intelligent, funny, attractive, oh and, desperate. Definitely desperate.” I bet you’ve never seen that in your online dating profile browsing.)

So please, give some indication in your message, however brief, that you’ve read the person’s profile and that you’d enjoy getting to know them better. At the very least, follow up your one-liner with another line to demonstrate that you’re literate, which is, at least, on my top ten list of desired characteristics in a potential partner. You’ll get many more online dates this way.

Seek and You Will [Hopefully] Find

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Have you noticed that the set-up of these online dating sites gives you the impression that you don’t have to work that hard? After all, if your preferred online dating site is so dedicated to your search for an e-lationship, what do you need to do besides sit back, stretch your legs, cross your arms, and wait to click on the perfect match sent by your site?

If you’re a member of , these matches are sent to you via your Daily 5. These are five prospects for which you can’t see a complete profile, but just pictures and some general information. If you click “I’m interested,” you’ll show up as an interested person on that person’s profile. Conversely, if somebody clicks “I’m interested” when your abridged profile shows up in his or her Daily 5, you’ll receive a notification that the person is interested. professes to have a “unique algorithm” that helps them identify a Daily 5 that piques your interest, but as a good friend of mine who recently joined said to me the other day, “What the $#%&??”’s algorithms might be saying, “Yes, yes yes!” but your internal reaction to its chosen match prospects may be, “No, no no!” (Another reason why computer-generated chemistry isn’t always a sound idea.)

If you’re a member of, you’ll notice its cupid-esque feature, Quiver, sending its generated matches your way. Similar to’s Daily 5, you may notice an uncanny lack of correlation between your actual romantic interests and the arrows Quiver shoots in your direction. As I said to a good friend the other day after scoping out my Quiver possibilities, “What the gosh darn heck??” (I’m not very profane.)

So while sitting back, crossing your arms, stretching your legs, and waiting for the computer to decide your romantic future may sound enticing, you may find that you make headway by taking a more active role in the searching process. You know what you want, so set explicit criteria (you can even refine your search by religious beliefs, political philosophy, or body type, amongst other criteria).

So today’s tip is to take control, create a search, and email the results who really catch your eye. Don’t settle for computer-generated chemistry if it’s not producing the results you’d like.

I’m going to throw out a number here. One. Not as in “The One you’ve been searching for your entire life!” but as in “You will likely send out 20 pithy yet eye-catching emails to the prospects who meet your search criteria and only receive One in return.” That’s to be expected. Some of my most eligible friends put forth great effort with an underwhelming number of replies. Don’t be discouraged. Think of this: If all 20 responded to you, you’d be going on a date every night, which – take it from an online dating guru – is exhausting.

Not Interested? Not Interested in Hearing About It.

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You’ll find that offers you the option of sending an automated “No thank you” to an interested wink-er. “Not interested?” it asks when it sends you an email notification that you’re the recipient of a wink.

“Give Dork43920 [not a real user name that I know of – apologies if this happens to be your user name] the courtesy of knowing you’re not interested. Say ‘No Thanks.’”

If you detonate the ‘No Thanks’ button, the wink sender will receive an impersonal insult courtesy of with an encouraging little pat on the back as an afterthought, and I’ve paraphrased the spirit of the message thusly:

“Picky02934 isn’t interested, Dork43920. But don’t fret: by golly, get out there and wink some more. Somebody will like you.”

Courtesy? Allow me to set the record straight – I do not need your courteous rejection. I received one of these formal rejections once, and I was devastated for almost four whole minutes. (Ironically, the guy winked at me just two months later on OkCupid – a wink I eagerly rejected out of residual spite.) Were he not to have ordered to send me a prewritten rejection, I probably would have entirely forgotten I’d winked at him to begin with.

Had I not forgotten, my mind could have created one of any number of plausible explanations for his lack of response, such as his having been hit by a bus, or run over by a giant antelope. And I’d much rather presume antelope attack than receive an automated rejection from privatedatingonline .com.

So today’s online dating tip is that if you’re not interested in a person after receiving his or her email or wink, either don’t respond at all, or send a friendly “Thanks but I’m not interested!” email personally. Using as your rejection intermediary is basically akin to telling your best friend to tell her brother that your classmate’s sister doesn’t want to date him anymore, like we did back in junior high before we developed strong communication skills and an emotionally mature brain. And if you’re online dating, hopefully you’re not still in junior high.

So for the sake of the emotional well-being of all members of the online dating community, please consider today’s tip to forgo automated rejections in favor of polite “No thank you” emails or at least the kinder, gentler rejection of tacit silence. We’ll get your gist.

The Bad Online Date That Really Happened

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In honor of the holiday season, I offer a lighthearted comic interlude for all you singles
and looking – an oldie but goodie extracted from an online outing in which I partook
several years ago.

Disclaimer: His profile appeared normal. No red flags were detected.

We met downtown one evening at a coffee shop. He couldn’t find the coffee shop, even
though I gave him the exact cross streets, but a number of texts and phone calls later he
overcame his spatial incompetence to meet me.

“I forgot my wallet,” were his first words. Unwilling to wait another twenty minutes
while he got lost trying to find his way back to his car, I offered to pay for his tea.

Approximately 47 seconds into the date, he got down to business. “To which political
party do you belong”
he asked.

“I’m a Democrat,” I answered cautiously, as I tend to adhere to the guidelines I’ve created for myself (but you can use them to) about avoiding the three P’ s on a first date: Politics,
pressure, and primates (going to the zoo on a first date is never as fun as it sounds).

From the moment the “D” word left my lips, I was subjected to a diatribe the likes of
which I’ve no words to accurately describe. As one who specializes in the fine art of
communication in my career, I initially felt confident I could sway the conversation
toward more neutral territory with a few subtle topic transition phrases and perhaps a
nonverbal cue or two. (Averting your eyes and tapping your fingers on the table can
subconsciously signal disinterest and lack of engagement to your conversational partner.)

Forty-five minutes later, it turns out my career skills were no match for his fired up
political passions, and while I had long since stopped responding or commenting, I had
taken an interest in counting the number of times I heard him say “Taxes are evil.”

At minute forty-six he paused to take a breath, and I seized my opportunity to take a
deliberate look at my wrist and exclaim, “Wow, it’ s late! I better be going!”

Momentarily deterred, he paused long enough to look at my wrist and detect that I wasn’t
actually wearing a watch. He looked at his. “But it’ s only 7:30,” he protested.

By 7:33 I was in the car, driving away and making a mental note to buy a watch to reduce
the transparency of my getaway tactic.

The icing on top of the cake? He emailed the next day and asked me if I’d like to
hang out again. I set aside my normal timidity and had no problem replying with
an “Absolutely not.”

So fear not, men and women of the online dating scene – nobody is exempt from the
occasionally disastrous date. Comment below to share your own funny online date story!

It’s a Small World After All

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During a recent online date that was going so well it makes you forget all of the
disastrous dates in which you partook to get to this awesome one, my handsome, funny,
smart, and engaging date said something that left me momentarily stupefied.

“I don’t mean to embarrass you,” he began, ” But you winked at my brother after you and
I started emailing.”

While I expertly feigned a calm and collected lack of embarrassment in an effort
to mask my sheer horror at having winked at his brother – with whom he lives – I
calculated the likelihood of this unfortunate relative winking collision in my hometown.

I mean, I live in a big city; not New York City big, but it’s no Smallville or Stars Hollow
here either. And it’s not like I go around winking at every online profile I see; I’m a
highly selective winker and confine my winking to only the most promising profiles I
peruse, equaling a total winkage of fewer than one wink per week, or three winks per

And were I actually a serial winker, I could have prepared for this familial winking spree
with a clever comeback for my dazzling date, such as “Well, if your brother’s anywhere
near as good-looking as you are, I would have been remiss not to wink at him.”

But instead, I could only wonder if there’s some sort of online dating family plan
now… Sign up your siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, and parents now and you’ll
receive a 20% discount on your membership fee! Sign up your elderly grandparents
and you’ll receive a full week free, plus 50% off your next purchase of Fixodent
denture adhesive! You can’t afford NOT to register your entire extended family!

Which brings me to today’s online dating tip: It’s a small world, and it gets smaller when you
date online. Go easy on the simultaneous contacts. It’s great to be proactive, but if
you’re overzealous, you may find you’re winking in the same social circles. (Or in my
case, the same family circles.)

How To Filter Your Online Dating Prospects

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I have been on for like 2 months now. What the heck is up with me only
getting men from India or “separated” men. gggrrrrr… any suggestions?

Single, Semi-attractive, Funny, Level-headed Woman in Portland, OR

Dear SSAFLHW in Portland, OR,

I did a bit of research and it appears that while on some sites you can change your message settings to filter out men in other countries or men who are separated, on  you can only block specific members from contacting you.

Therefore, once the man in India and the separated man have already contacted you, you can prevent further contact by putting their profile names on your block list. There are two ways to block these users. One, you can click directly on their profile and select the option on the right “Block from contact.” Or, when you’re on the home page, you can click on “account,” and then choose the “blocking” option, and enter a username from there.

If you’re wanting a site that allows you more broad filtering capabilities, here are a couple of other options:

1) – sends you a warning alert when an email message comes from somebody who does not meet your specified criteria, such as when someone is still married or a drug user.

2) – you can restrict mail from users who are married, who smoke, who are looking only for somebody to hang out with, among several other criteria, simply by selecting appropriate boxes.

If any of you are members of other dating sites that have good filtering and blocking options, please comment and let SSAFLHW and I know.

There are also sites that profess to be created for the more serious member; the people like you and me who are looking for long-term committed relationships. Some of these sites include eHarmony,, and

Some of these sites require you to confirm that you are NOT still married before joining, weeding out the separated but not yet divorced folks. However, you’ll find other drawbacks on these sites, including higher membership fees and fewer members in your geographical area or who pique your interest.

Finally, you may want to add a line to the end of your About me section with a simple but clear statement about your wish to exclude still-marrieds:

“I am not interested in receiving email from anybody who is separated but not yet divorced – thank you for respecting my wishes!”

I know it’s strange to attach a statement that seems intuitive to so many of us, but who knows, perhaps it will diminish these unwanted emails.

If anybody reading this is wondering why SSAFLHW and I are not interested in meeting up with people who are separated but still married, please stop back in for a visit soon, and I can share some of the reasoning behind this philosophy.

Good luck SSAFLHW in Portland, OR!

Filtering: Not Just For Water Anymore

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For those of you who like using but don’t like having to filter through all of the unwanted emails, in today’s tip I bring you good tidings of online dating joy! now offers inbox filtering services tailored to your filtering needs! Just go into your messages and you’ll now find a tab marked ‘Filtered mail.’ Click on ‘Settings’ next to the ‘Filtered mail’ tab, and emails from users falling outside of the criteria you’ve set will be automatically transferred to the filtered mail folder. Filtering

Email filtering isn’t biased or cruel; it’s just common sense. We’ve been in the dating world long enough to know what overall qualities mesh with our individual systems of belief and personality quirks, and we prefer to identify users with those qualities in an efficient manner.

So if we’re completely set on, for example, a non-smoking individual who lives nearby and doesn’t want children, we’ve spent a sizable percentage of our online time reading emails from users whose profiles boast an affinity for cigarettes, several dozen children, and who live in some small town 80 miles away we’ve never heard of and aren’t entirely sure even exists.

Now, with the opportunity to eliminate those emails before they even enter your line of sight, you can rest assured the emails coming through are from those who meet your basic criteria. Then you can look more closely at the senders’ profiles to identify those to whom you are also attracted and with whom you’d like a date!

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